Why should I use MarbleSeal’s solutions?

Marble and limestone are composed of calcite, which is highly sensitive to acid spills, such as food acids. Acid reacts with calcite in stone in a destructive chemical reaction. This chemical reaction is called "acid etching". The surface of the stone becomes uneven, less glossy and discolored. In addition, some types of marble and limestone are so porous and susceptible to staining that water will create stains on the counters made from them. Our solutions will protect all porous stones from stains and etching and create a seamless and hygienic work surface.


I have used a different stone sealer on my counter top. Why won't this protect it?

Impregnating type stone sealers will help protect stone from staining for a limited time, but they will never protect stone from etching. Impregnating sealers are absorbed into the stone leaving the surface open to degradation. Impregnating sealers are inherently not chemically resistant to acid attack.

Stone sealers are not guaranteed to be stain proof, they are said to be stain resistant. Some will protect longer than others; however, they will always require reapplication.

Our solutions protect against staining and etching, does not need to be reapplied and will last at least 10 years.


My stone counter top is badly stained, can it be fixed?

Yes. Before our solution is applied to a surface, the stone is ground with diamond pads and sandpaper to remove all evidence of staining as well as etching. Only a small amount of the stone's surface is removed, usually about 1/100 of an inch.

My stone counter top has chipped edges, can these be fixed?

Yes, however defects such as chipped edges will have to be repaired before our solution is applied.


How long will my protective coating last?

Our solutions come with a 10-year guarantee against stains and etching. It is currently the only stone protection system in the world that carries such a guarantee.

Our solutions do not need to be periodically reapplied to maintain its effectiveness.

Will the coating affect the look of my stone surface?

No, the coating is a water clear and non-yellowing polyester composite that enhances the look of the stone. It does not look artificial or plastic. The coating can be polished to either a honed or high gloss finish.


Can I change the finish after it's been applied?

Yes, we can easily change the finish from honed to high gloss or vice versa by an approved applicator, such as MarbleSeal Technologies. We can make the change numerous times before the integrity of the coating is compromised. Contact your local MarbleSeal representative for assistance.


Is it scratch proof?

No, our solutions are scratch resistant but NOT scratch proof. After three months, the coating is fully cured, depending on local temperatures. Until the coating is fully cured, scratches may occur; however, they can easily be removed. Usually, after 7 - 10 years, normal wear and tear will require that the surface get a "touch up" to remove minor scratches. These are easily removed by an approved applicator such as MarbleSeal Technologies. Contact your local representative for assistance.


Is it impact resistant?

The coating has additives in the formula which improve the coating's resistance to both impact and thermal shock.


Can hot pots and pans be placed stone that has been coated?

Although the products contains additives which make it heat resistant, it is not recommended to place hot pans or dishes directly on the coating. Use of a protective pad is always recommended.


How is the product applied?

Only licensed and trained applicators may apply the products. After laying out protective drop cloths and plastic sheeting, the applicator scuffs the surface, the product is then poured onto the stone surface and allowed to cure. The stone surface is polished until the desired finish is obtained. The application is a very clean process; HEPA dust collectors are used to collect all the dust from the application process.


How soon can I begin using my new surface?

The surface can be used immediately after it is has been polished. It is completely resistant to chemicals at that point. It is also hard enough for daily use, although it will not completely hardened for three months.


Does my granite need to be coated?

No, due to its molecular composition it is unnecessary for our solutions to be applied to granite.